An out-of-town trip. A recently discovered hole-in-the-wall. A would-be pastime. A short silly talk. An interesting brew.

Sugar Beet

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image Some goodness for team lunch at Greeka Kouzina. Thanks, Noems! Enjoyed the hummus with pita. Loved my prawns, too! ūüėČ


Heart Biscuits

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Nay Bday 2013Another red-letter day for us at Abe last Thursday. Had some familiar dishes we had last year and tried out a couple of fresh plates. Called it a night just before the crowd started pouring in. Hmmm..loved the chocolate powder cake from Tous Les Jours! For more photos, feel free to check out our Nay’s Birthday 2013 album.


Slice of Bull Run

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PSE Bull Run 2013Our third year with the PSE Bull Run. Well-organized, enough hydration stations and shower lanes, interesting route, on-time. But an overlap U-turn with another race along Buendia was a turn-off. Took 10K as part of our training for the Condura Skyway Marathon next month. Too bad the organizer excluded the 16K category. OK, easy run for me at 1:05. I was hoping to make a PR at sub-1 but I’d been feeling something on my left shin; I didn’t want to risk my February race.¬†One of his fast runs at 53:15. Tried muffins (liked the Citrus Burst!) and coffee at SLICE¬†owned by¬†Senator Pia Cayetano¬†in¬†Bonifacio High Street Central. For more pics, feel free to check out our PSE Bull Run 2013 album.

Oh. The saddest part of the event‚ÄĒ¬†a fellow runner died before the 20K-mark. Almost there at the finish line.¬†Cardiac arrest due to hypokalemia (“refers to the condition in which the concentration of potassium (K+) in the blood is low” – Wikipedia). May he rest in peace.¬† Made us more aware of what our body is telling us.



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A small but still a nice running track option (or warm up and cool down zones) in the newly completed Terra 28th Park parallel to Bonifacio High Street and 28th Street. Has playground equipment and secured spots for good old street games. Recommended for kids. For runners, try past 8PM. Your running shoes would love it.


Red-Letter at Abè

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Yummers! Tasted like burger and spaghetti! That was Gab‘s take on Abe‘s Pork Lengua Asado (295PHP). Also tried Suam of Fresh Native Corn (95), their crispy pata Knockout Knuckles (595), Gising-gising (240), Ginisa Mustasa (245), Unlimited plain rice (60 per head), Watermelon Shake (105), and Tanglad Iced Tea (85). Very¬†sublime family dinner last Valentine’s day. Thanks to my friends who recommended the resto, worth another visit. Relatively easy on the pocket, fine dishes, chic ambience. Lingered at Fully Booked after chow. Had coffee while waiting for Gab to finish reading at the kiddie section. Walked around Bonifacio High Street¬†before heading home at around 10PM. For more photos, feel free to check out our Nay’s Bday 2012 album.



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We had a taxing¬†but worthy Sunday this week. Too ecstatic for¬†the somewhat fresh route and¬†an upgraded category that we took together. My buddy and I arrived¬†at the starting area only a few seconds before gun start. We even jumped off the railling to get to the fronf of¬†the starting¬†line just¬†in time. I experimented with my pace and ran the whole¬†distance without turning on my playlist at 1:51:20 chip time. My buddy was so in his zone at 1:31:36 chip time. We could say that the¬†PSE Bull Run 2012 was way better than last year’s.¬†Cheapest race so far‚ÄĒ the 550 PHP registration fee for 16K and 21K already included a race kit with a decent singlet,¬†a loot bag, a finisher shirt, a medal, and¬†enough¬†hydration stations,¬†shower sprinklers, and bananas. Good job to the even organizer and sponsors!¬†Hmmn… and it was the first time¬†I truly appreciated a cold Pocari Sweat on the road. For more photos, feel free to visit our PSE Bull Run 2012 album.



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After¬†the busy¬†first week at work, here we go…


Catching Bites

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My buddy had a one-week training in Ayala last week, so¬†we had a pretty much similar schedules. We thought it was the best time to scout for some holiday gifts. Every after his session, we would visit a mall or two. Believe it or not, we’d been to several malls in Makati, Mandaluyong, Taguig, and QC,¬†but we haven’t bought anything yet.¬†We would walk for hours until our feet tired out.¬†The only consolation that we had was to call it a day trying a resto that we hadn’t visited yet. We tried Big Better Burgers, Pho24, Gelatissimo, Buddy’s, and one Pinoy resto which name I forgot at the Market Market outdoor food court.¬†Hay sarap kumain, buti na lang may takbo.

OK, frankly, we didn’t dig it. We were only enticed by the “grilled premium burgers” tag line.¬†And we were so exhausted to¬†roam around¬†SM Annex¬†North EDSA,¬†and find other eating place– a burger joint at that. He was craving, I didn’t know why.¬†Our overall experience was so-so. The Teriyaki Rice¬†comes in¬†small serving¬†and is pricey for 110PhP. Nothing remarkable about its taste. The Mushroom Loco burger is a bit soggy and expensive for 147PhP. The bun, which looks like a big pandesal, is too supple to hold the entire juicy patty with button mushrooms, burgundy sauce, quezoloco, and some dip. It doesn’t taste so bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s fine except for the way it holds everything. I still prefer Wendy’s version. Big Better Burgers is in the mid-range of their category; they have to be¬†really good to prove¬†that they’re worth the money. * 4.5 out of 10 *
This¬†one rocks! Not the entire set of ala carte items. Well, not the other food items. Just the special Budin or cassava cake for 55PhP. Taste it while it’s warm. Subtle and soft. Not¬†too sweet. Yummmmy!

Most items are good for sharing. Relatively cheap. If you and your friend are both¬†on a tight budget but want¬†a decent place to squeeze a lunch out¬†or¬†have a dinner after work,¬†try Chopsuey with Rice (toppings) for 115PhP. Acceptable.¬†Just don’t expect too much of the taste. It will satisfy your hunger anyway. ¬†* 8.5 out of 10 for the Budin¬†*

They have a¬†nifty corner¬†hole at the Greenbelt 5 entrance, near the walkway going to Dela Rosa (or Greenbelt 2 if you’re coming from the opposite direction). Quite strategic, tempting those going home from work and those who have just finished window shopping. And the setting is very warm, too. Ideal for a nice short chat, a spot where you can have your peace and quiet, a¬†downtime after a grueling¬†shopping free, or hangout place for an early evening¬†date.

We tried Tiramisu, White Chocolate, and Roasted Almonds. Each scoop or small cup costs 110PhP, two scoops per cup costs 160PhP. We had one 1-scoop¬†and one 2-scoop¬†cups. White Chocolate is too sweet for us. The other two we both love. One thing we realized‚ÄĒ we should’ve not ordered all of these flavors with almost¬†similar hues in one sitting. We should’ve ordered one dark (like Chocolate Truffle), one flashy (like Strawberry Cheesecake), and one¬†neutral (either Roasted Almond or Tiramisu). I bet¬†the¬†combo¬†would’ve been better.

And you have nothing to worry. They guarantee that their “sorbet being 100% fat free and premium dairy between 90-97% fat free”.¬†Next time, however, we’ll try the coffee section. * 8 out of 10 *

[Pho24 details here.]


Run BGC 2010

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We ran for the Chevy! But we weren’t lucky enough to¬†take home¬†the car. At any rate, our first Bonifacio Global City run¬†organized by Coach Rio¬†was still pleasurable.¬†I finished 5K¬†in 31:56 minutes, my buddy finished¬†10K in 53:50 minutes. Good early Sunday morning fun!

Oh‚ÄĒ¬†I got this “limited edition” trophy for making five baskets at Toby‘s hoop booth while waiting for the raffle. It wasn’t really posh, but, for me,¬†the experience was groovy. Thanks, Bread Talk!

First three photos at the top of the collage courtesy of Chevrolet Philippines. For more photos, feel free to check out their Facebook account¬†or Run BGC’s.